A pedagogy of reading, writing and arithmetic you substituerez "For life, for life," according to the decisive formula Decroly, the School of Humanity which was already dreaming our teacher Pestalozzi and which modern educators will be the reality of tomorrow. http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/educ/56-57/1/1.pdf Author Freinet Print 7 Journal number 1 Results For the Ecole Louise Favennec 16/03/12 - 10:26 In Creation, Expression Journal number 1 Emily Louise Max Alyssa Louis Melchior 2011-2012 Noa More Our paper snowmen For School Guerche on 04/10/11 - 3:23 p.m. in Creation, Expressive Arts To our paper figures: take a sheet and is folded in half.

It draws a snowman or above. We cut around it if you want the crayon. the head of each side can be bonded to the feet apart and the characters are standing. It is therefore necessary as material, glue, paper, scissors and crayons. That's it that's all. Axel Justin Louenn Arthur Louis Lilou 2011-2012 9 comments Read more The race of the three snails For the School of Guerche 07/12/11 - 10:17 p.m.

In Creation, Louis term 2011-2012 9 comments Read more Sorting waste for the School of Guerche 18/01/10 - 12:43 in: Exploration, Life visit the cooperative class citizenship We had a visit from the Toubitri association. They began by showing us pictures: earth smiling, land crying and land that has been bitten. Then they presented us with natural products (sand, wood, rocks, oil). They have them turned into something (glass, furniture and paper, iron, plastic).

These products, when used are waste. Melissandre Leane Oriane Zoe Louis 2009-2010 More Memories vacation For School Guerche on 16/10/10 - 2:57 p.m. In Creation, French phrase I'll tell you my vacation.

I took the plane and I went to Morocco. Over there it's hot, it's 55 degrees and stayed at the hotel. After we went to the pool and bathed.

Emma Loise Louis Romane 2010-2011 Read more we had fun by the School of Guerche 09/10/10 - 8:13 In Creation, Expression French Yesterday morning, I went biking was bike touring St. Etienne: 22 km in the rain. Later I returned and Joris invited me.

At night I rented a movie that apellait "Welcome to zombie land." Louis D. Alix D. Arthur V. Loic Mathieu Louis Pierre Thomas Romane 2010-2011 2 comments Read more Output For School Guerche on 25/09/10 - 4:16 p.m. In Creation, Expression French Sunday and Joris my neighbor came to my house and we made grape juice. Later, we started karting at Plesse then we came back and Joris slept at home.

Louis 2010-2011 Learn more In: The Educator CEL For teachers review> Summary October 1956 Read Full issue in PDF DITS MATHIEU - A school of humanity The Educator, educational and cultural edition Towards a natural method of calculation Examples of calculation The big free round around the world the psychological benefits of Discipline school newspaper the Recorder and Radio in official correspondence Interscholastic Every Saturday Parisian cHAIN, show "Aux Quatre Vents' - 13 pm.

50-14 h. 10 - First issued Saturday, September 29 The tasks of the school at the beginning of the atomic age Our views 25 children per class DITS MATHIEU - A school of humanity> Print In: Educational Publishing Co ICEM For Teachers Training and research journal> knowledge of the child in January 1992 AND THE THIRD DIMENSION? Long cut my happiness to see my former students of CE2 by fear of being immersed in the past and find myself overwhelmed by nostalgia.

But they still have to teach me -to us apprendre- is and always will remain. That year, following a delete class and for the first time in my career, I had benefited from these ten students for the third year. Despite my thirty-CP-CE1-CE2, I was rejoiced inwardly. I was able, in fact, continue research begun: the study of free texts Remi, the natural method of math, spoken word and sung, the creation gymnastics, etc ...

And then I could see that it is only in the third year of truly free expressions, CE2, the languages ??lead and actually flourish. Of course, this is at least a book he would write about these life trajectories and their achievements with the people who will do your homework
school. Here I can only report content with few highlights.

For example, Jacques made up for his situation unique child constantly inventing dialogues, by chance, four children, the eldest is not seven. The sport was banned for health reasons, but he was passionate about small cars and he imitated orally to perfection, the start of the 2CV his grandfather. Well, it's official motorsport!

He is commissioner of track in international competitions (24H of Le Mans, Castelet, etc ...). Due to a lack of success of demand, especially his family, Pierrick, certainly the most intellectually gifted of all the students that I have known, not a situation related to his ability. However, he excelled at the game of chess that I had taught him. It brings him more than he is not in his binder business of printed circuit boards. He also remembers the moment of catharsis.

Gilles informed me that last week he had finally dared to tell his father what he had on the potato for twenty-five years. And me it was almost twenty-five years that I knew he felt the disadvantaged child of the family because it seemed at every turn of his written creations. There was no need to be especially smart to read through symbols he used. Later, his father had paid a battery to his brother and accordion to his sister, rage, he bought a guitar.

And he learned to play alone. Now he earns a very good living as a musician, as he sang magnificently wrong. Moreover, it was he who best followed in the footsteps of his father ... what it now recognizes. It is also Gilles who had taught me the most in education.

Christian had a year in advance and, therefore, he had written two years of free expression. This does not allow him to reach the address of the development by writing. Generally, the unconscious need to fumble for a third year to explore the possibilities of emergence of his liberty, or he takes the pressure is really strong. I also found that Michael, if addicted to making courses and additions sectors.

I was not at all surprised that for his sins boss CAP, it has particularly shone in boating (ship route, navigation charts, etc ...) because the course was already his chosen field . But that's to Patrice I would rather stop. He could have become an architect. But he prefers to be foreman (and soon contractor).

Indeed, rather than creating construction projects on paper, he preferred to perform them himself. This was also revealed very early because it was the applicator, in reality, the ideas of others. For example, those of Michel. It was he who, building with difficulty and toughness a "box" with cardboard eight millimeters thick, launched a solid adventure that lasted. It was discovered by trial and error, from flat developments, the secrets of the cube, cone, pyramid, etc ...

The qualities that seem essential to him: adaptability, imagination, creativity. And he constantly demonstrated in his profession because "each project is different" (as each "site" child). And here lies the source of his pleasure. It is very imaginative.

He is perfectly capable of First pour a concrete slab and build after the pillars that must support her. Or he starts from the top, the renovation of a facade. But it's never not pure fantasy; his ideas are always in perfect harmony with what the situation demands: location, economy, time ...

It's HEU-REUX! But what I suffocated is that it assigns one of its major assets to my "son cage." Indeed, he sees immediately in space volumes which are represented on the architectural blueprints.

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